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Even Texas Tech has played a respectable opponent by now, so we are finally learning where everyone should fall in our Blog Poll ballot.

Texas Tech fans celebrate the fact that the Red Raiders played a Division I opponent.

1. USC. I guess they are just a second half team. The biggest offensive question they have is which Heisman candidate is their best player, Leinart, White or Bush? Defensively they still have a few more questions to answer, which Notre Dame might help us with.

2. Virginia Tech. Ho hum start.... but they finished Marshall off. They are a balanced and complete team, but by no means are they invulnerable.

3. Texas. The monkey has been removed, now they have to take care of business every week to keep from being caught from behind.

4. Georgia. They proved that they belong in the elite. Now they'll have to fight like... well... dogs to stay there as they still have Florida, Auburn and an SEC championship game in front of them.

5. Florida State. Wake made it interesting, but they couldn't cover a 6'6'' wideout. If Georgia isn't the best defensive team out there right now, it is probably FSU.

6. Alabama: Off-week.

7. Notre Dame. They get to stay in the top ten for one more week... unless touchdown Jesus is suiting up on Saturday.

8. Penn State: Biggest Jump in EDSBS history. We've been undervaluing them because of a soft schedule, but they made believers out of us on Saturday. It is still a tough road ahead, but it is nice to see Paterno at the top of the heap again.

9. UCLA: If they could play some defense to go with Drew and the rest of their offense they'd be quite a force.

10. Miami. So they beat Duke... who cares.

11. LSU. The great Les Miles experiment will get another test this week.

12. Michigan State: Bye week.

13. Florida: Moving up by default.

14. Texas Tech. Still not sure what to make of them. They were luck to beat Nebraska, but they are still undefeated. Are they worse than we thought or is Nebraska finally getting its act together. Probably a little bit of both.

15. Boston College. Blue collar effectiveness.

16. Ohio State. Their linebackers are still awesome, but their quarterback situation is still troublesome. And what ever happened to Ginn?

17. Cal. They've had one test and failed. I don't know how good they'll end up being.

18. Auburn: Bye

19. Wisconsin. They looked like a Pac 10 team out there.

20. Louisville: The offense is starting to roll again.

21. Tennessee: Georgia was flat out more physical and beat them into submission... of course Claussen's miscues didn't help.

22. Oregon: Ran it down ASU's throat.

23. Minnesota: Stole the little brown jug away.

24. Colorado: Maybe Barnett is a coaching genius... or A&M just sucks.

25. TCU: Took out a solid Wyoming squad.

Under consideration:

Fresno State, Nebraska, West Virginia, Georgia Tech and Idaho.