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Northwestern College, that is, a small liberal arts college in Minnesota whose football team--in between choir practice, on-campus jobs, performing rudimentary surgical procedures at the rural health clinic, and living their dual lives as nocturnal crime-fighters--will be playing a doubleheader on Saturday, facing Trinity Bible College at home before trucking it down the road to play Macalester College. The feat will be all the more amazing since the entire population of Northwestern College is comprised of little people, better known to the less sensitive as midgets:

So while the Eagles insisted this week they're not seeking publicity, it's not a bad way to advertise, either. Especially when Sports Illustrated and ESPN are planning coverage.

"I'm not going to lie," Hill said. "It's kind of fun to see somebody big on our campus."

Wee people? Playing TWO football games in one day? Representing the Lollipop Guild, bitches.

(HT: The DJL Zone.)