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We've licked our wounds and moved on from the Alabama beat down. Now we can assess the college football landscape again. On to the Blog Poll!

We've surveyed the college football landscape... and it isn't pretty.

1. USC. It took them a half to wake up again, but once they did they showed that they are still the best. One more slow start like this could find them dropping to number 2. It is not enough to coast on your laurels and talent in our poll, you have to produce.

2. Virginia Tech. Holding solidly in the #2 slot, but if Texas takes Oklahoma behind the woodshed (and Peterson plays) they could get jumped.

3. Texas. It's put up or shut up time.

4. Georgia. Feels too high, but the people in front of them keep losing. They'll get plenty tested before the year is out though.

5. Florida State. Their defense is scary to be able to do what they've done without any real semblence of an offense.

6. Alabama: Shula is doing his best to be coach of the year (except for having Prothro in too long). Probably the best performance of the week.

7. Ohio State. Sweatervest wearers of the world have united in support of this team.

8. Notre Dame. They looked great on offense, but I couldn't help but wonder if they shouldn't start using the spread option.

9. Cal. Still not tested, but they keep rising by default.

10. Tennessee. They survived Orgeron.

11. Miami. If they beat USF... and USF beat Louisville... then they must be on the right track... right?

12. Wisconsin. They keep badgering opponents into submission.

13. LSU. Can a team win on talent alone???? We'll see.

14. Michigan State. Tough loss in overtime to their most bitter of rivals. Do they rebound?

15. UCLA. The offense was sluggish but they survived.

16. Arizona State: Two tough losses on the year against very talented teams. They need to be able to hold a lead to crack the top 10.

17. Florida: Licking their wounds. We'd put them lower, but we don't want to steal the "Straight Bangin'" award from its rightful owner.

18. Boston College. Blue collar effectiveness.

19. Texas Tech. Not looking as good now that they are at least playing major conference opponents, even if it was Kansas.

20. Auburn: After a slow start, they are starting to roll again.

21. Louisville: Back on the right track.

22. Michigan: The top 25 seemed so wrong without them.

23. Penn State: Go Joe Go!

24. Georgia Tech. Better not lose to NC State this week.

25. Wyoming: Egads, no more Vandy. That opens the door to some mid-majors.

Under consideration:

UAB, Fresno State, TCU, Oregon and Idaho.