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--Boi From Troy proves to be a man of his word, losing a bet to Warren and starting Brodie Croyle's Heisman website. That check from the University of Alabama is not on the way, by the way, but take comfort in gazing at all the nice pics of Brodie's adorable, floppy hair.

--Do you know who I am? More proof that Washington D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people.

--Is the SI curse transmissable through cable modems? Student Body Right may have compelling evidence suggesting this.

--Not buying in on undefeated Nebraska? Neither is Joe or Scarlet Fever.

--We'd like to establish our own weekly award: The Bezruchka Award, named after author and physician Stephen Bezruchka, M.D. The recipient will be the team who endured an experience most like that described by Bezruchka in The Pocket Doctor's chapter on "Animal Confrontation:"

If the unspeakable happens, and results in the unthinkable, it is probably best not to struggle. People who have survived lion attacks state that the beast should be allowed to chew on an extremity in the hope it will lose interest.

For our inaugural winner, we'd like to nominate our own beloved Florida Gators, who endured just such an attack this weekend.

Maybe it'll lose interest if you calm down...