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We're off to Tuscaloosa bright and early tomorrow to watch a classic midseason "debunking" game between the Gators and the Tide, armed only with a flask and a dream of being a fan of the debunkers, not the debunkees in a matchup of two undefeateds.

We plan on doing everything you're supposed to do in T-Town, including a quick jaunt through the supposedly epic Bear Bryant Museum and adjacent Ray Perkins RV Solid Waste Depository Shunt. We're also going to meet up with Warren St. John, who's understandably nervous about meeting a total stranger jacked on coffee, vodka, and the fight-or-flight adrenaline of a fan stuck behind enemy lines in a pair of jean shorts and a Gator tee. We promise to be gentle.

Stranko got me the ticket, so like the Wonder Twins, we'll link our EDSBS power rings together and cry out "FORM OF...DRUNK HECKLER!" prior to entering the stadium together. And if we're lucky enough to emerge victorious, you can be sure to get pics not only of the game, but also of us twiddling our mustaches in delight. And if we lose, you may very well get pics of us kicking out the back of a Tuscaloosa squad car months later on COPS.

Form of...drunk heckler!