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Comedy in college football comes in many forms, but none are more sublime than coaches' appearances in commercial endorsements, which often feature everything that drives coaches mad on the field: poor execution, lifeless performance, and fumbling of key lines even on the best takes.

We are compelled to love Urban Meyer's candor: We Are the Boys digs up a article where Meyer admits what a horrible pitchman he is, saving special ire for his own performance in a hilariously inept Red Baron commercial with basketball coach Billy Donovan:

“I’m awful. I saw that one, too. You could see how horrible I was. It was horrible. Even my players said it was awful.”

We are openly soliciting all readers now: PLEASE SEND US YOUR TERRIBLE COACHING ENDORSEMENT STORIES! Providing links to a captured video clip will earn you a post written entirely devoted to praising how cool you are, and we're offering a special TEN DOLLAR BOUNTY for any of the following high-priority targets:

1. Tommy Tuberville's legendarily bad Kroger Commercials.

2. The aforementioned Urban Meyer Red Baron spot.

3. A mythical Ed Orgeron Hummer ad that a reader suggested he be fired for doing.

Submit below!