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Week three, and already Wannstedt is making Ron Zook look like the second coming of Knute Rockne. Starting with the source closest to the suck, Pitt Sports Blather: maybe it's the line that has caused the Pitt attack (chortle) to go two games without a touchdown.
Maybe it's having Brent Musberger call the game, though Chas sympathizes with Brent's assignment to an "abortion of a game:"

There's no truth to the report that when the car was stopped, Musberger told the cop, "I should be drinking something stronger after having to call that game."

Struggling Joe is pretty nice about the whole thing--those Midwesterners usually are, goshdarnit-- saving most of his vinegar for pissy Sooper Genious Coach Bill Callahan. Joey from Straight Bangin' gives maybe the most interesting conceptual pile-on for Wannstedt's dismal start yet:

Here are the results of the last eleven games that Dave Wannstedt has coached: L, L, L, L, L, L, W, L, L, L, L, L. If Pitt can blow it against Youngstown State this weekend, that will be a nice little palindrome.

Youngstown State fans are hoping the same thing: their allotment of 3,000 tickets? Gone. Pitt fans can get four for 70 bucks--it's almost as good a deal as the planetarium, except without the coolass Pink Floyd-themed midnight show all the stoners go to.