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We Are The Boys has been crazy go nuts this week with the UT/UF info, trawling up the internet's finest for our pleasure.

--Chris Leak has a Leak named Leak dripping the secrets of the UT offense into the Gator coaching staff's brain. A long engagement called the Leak Brothers/Phil Fulmer tiff--Leak, a former qb at Tennessee, never came close to sniffing the field at Tennessee, drawing the ire of brother Chris, who wrote about Fulmer's perceived duplicity in his recruiting journal on Fulmer has downplayed the impact of Leak's insider knowledge of Randy Sanders' offense, saying that while C.J. was a good note taker (a meaty backhand from Phil there?) there's not much teams can hide from each other.

This remains a pretty solid point as long as Urban Meyer's playbook is still available on EBay. Of course, we also found Randy Sanders', too.

--College Football News busts out the cheap playbook graphics but doesn't skimp on the analysis in picking apart one of Meyer's meat-and-potatoes plays, the gun zone option.