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Gluttons, enjoy the abundance that is the internet after a weekend of college football:

--We Are The Boys, another quality Gator blogger, gets podcasty with it about the wake of Florida's creaky debut against Wyoming.

--Scads of takes on the Boise/UGA game. We means it

: Georgia Boy thinks Boise got Zabranky'd, Westerdawg at Georgia Sports goes nuts here,
and here. Oh, and here, too, in a great piece about Mark Richt's grab-bag of packages he introduced for the game. We haven't really sat down to write about the game, but we did have this thought while watching it: was the offense under fan fave and doughboy David Greene actually a hindrance to Richt's gamecalling? The offense we saw against Boise, who admittedly would have made many teams look good Saturday, looked far more difficult to defend than the Greene offenses that struggled to throw 13 on the board against Georgia Southern. In case that's not enough, go to the AJC's Terence Moore, who writes a cheap, despicable piece on Shockley's great day, thus proving his status as Atlanta's most craptacular columnist. Feldman gets his hate on and says Boise undid six years of hard work in a single afternoon. (He's like the anti-Musberger--negative hyperbole.) And finally, College Football Resource mans up properly to a bad pick here, though without owning up to the fact that a very good defense is half the game, too. Incidentally, we went 1-3 on our picks, including a comeuppance at the hands of the ghastly Chan Gailey. In the words of Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, right before he's about to shoot Gene Hackman in the head with a very large shotgun: "Deserve ain't got nothing to do with it."

Boise State, we all got it comin'.

--Boi's got everything you need to know about the USC Trojan's weekend in a single shot.

--Service academies ain't nothing ta' fuck with: Navy nearly upends Maryland 23-20, with Mike Wise putting a fine point on it in the Washington Post, while Team Jesus--sorry!-- Air Force flat-out beats the Washington Huskies 20-17.

--Did we say FIRE Karl Dorrell? We meant HIRE him! And give him a limo full of blow and hookers while we're at it. Bruins Nation now predicts nine wins, a Nobel, a victory over Oklahoma, and multiple orgasms for everyone following a victory over...San Diego State? We'll see you in Stockholm, Nestor!

--RD--who like most Texans has a two-initial code name--gives you one-stop Big 12 shopping, including a rundown of Sooper Genyus Gary Barnett and Colorado's 31-28 squeaker over Colorado State.

--Congrats to Fanblogs on getting the David Malinsky interview! Just don't get wacky and put the mortgage on the table yet, Kevin.

--For ecstatic, rub-my-belly-you-sexy-fat-beast Notre Dame worship of Charlie Weis' neutron bombing of Pitt in his coaching debut, look to none other than Blue-Gray Sky. Multiple posts cover the detonation of Pitt. Pitt's last two games, including the Fiesta Bowl versus Utah, have been defeats to the tune of 77-28. Wannstedt will need all the strength his mighty public course golf-pro mustache will give him to give Pitt something resembling a backbone.

Wait...yes. That face. Keep making it for four months.

--Clemson's new pair of coordinators are already making Tommy Bowden look like a better coach. Vic Koenning's D minimized the damage Reggie McNeal could do, while Rod Spence's offense didn't include the opponent's DBs as a receiving option as they did last year. Like a good fan, TAMBINPO completely disagrees, instead insisting that A and M beat themselves.

--SOOOO MUCH TOOO COVERRR! Struggling Joe says not pushing around 1-AA Maine on the offensive line is bad, bad, bad for Nebraska. Rob in Madtown actually watched the BGSU/Wisconsin game live, and while saying how great a quarterman Omar Jacobs is also mentions that Wisconsin has "a two-headed monster" at running back. Considering what this sometimes means in the world of pornography, we think we're going to be watching more Badgers games this season.

--And to finish up, HeismanPundit puts on his people suit for a moment and looks up the web address two very attractive girls in the Doak Campbell Stadium crowd had stitched across their tits for the cameras. Their stretched-to-the-limit shirts were the best protection we saw all night in that game, by the way.

Yes, we missed stuff, but we're leaving before we find ourselves like Borges' Librarian, wanderin the halls of an endless maze...

Stranko's Two Cent's Edit: One I missed but which does a great weekend overview is Golden Tornado. He included this little gem:

Some numbskull said a parapalegic could rush for 1,000 yards behind Miami's line. At this rate, Kyle Wright might BE a parapalegic if he gets sacked one more time.

Nicely done.