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Pigs and geese and ducks better scurry...'cause Oklahoma's football team sucks. In a state most famous for the Trail of Tears, erosion, and noodling, football occupies a hypertrophied place of importance among the state's populace. Stoops is a great coach--we've met him, and he's one of the few people we ever called sir without thinking about it beforehand. But it'll be a long season on the rack for him if his qbs keep this shit up. We'll agree with the digital Jim Rome on one thing: we hate their half-assed spread offense. Chuck Long could very well end up being the sacrificial lamb,especially if OU keeps throwing up far-from-perfect 10s against the TCUs of the world.

Like Van Damme in Cyborg, it could be a long, painful season for OU.

And yes, RD, you deserve credit for having TCU ranked. Good on you.