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Joe Ayoob, allegedly the Bay Area's version of the white Ron Mexico, loses out in the Cal qb race to redshirt freshman (?!?) Nate Longshore. If he's not taking PR classes at Berkeley, he should, guessing from this quote:

"There's a little frustration, because I was supposed to come in and be the starter," said Ayoob, who will hold for placekicks. "But I know it's a team game. It's not just about me starting or Nate starting. I guess right now, Nate is the best quarterback for the team."

Not exactly Ari Fleischer-type stuff there. The article also helpfully reminded us that as a freshman, Marshawn Lynch averaged 8.8 yards a carry, and that Longshore had one more year's experience in Tedford's exacting offensive system. So there's something Joe can think about on the bench while he ponders buying his very own Ron Mexico t-shirt.

The black Joe Ayoob wants to know what happened, but would still hit it.