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Gary Barnett, Super Genius, has at least two legitimate miracles to his credit: taking Northwestern to the Rose Bowl, and somehow staying employed at the University of Colorado going into his seventh year amidst an unceasing whirlwind of sleaze, rumor, and boneheaded PR. USA Today's underrated college football section--always free online, no premium silliness, and plenty of rapidly updated stats--profiles Barnett, who among other rich quotables passes this one with a satisfied grunt:

"My life hasn't changed a bit through the whole process," he said. "We've continued doing what we were doing ... always looking for ways to improve your program, ways to make it better, not be content with what it's been."

The official word out of Boulder, then? MORE HOOKERS! Colorado's AD may have been right to wait on that contract extension.

Are gravity lessons coming due for Gary Barnett?