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Gunslingers rolls on the media watch with a good summary of everything the Gameday crew was predicting over the weekend. A few notes:

--As LD points out, Trev actually says something interesting: what if Purdue and Ohio State both go undefeated? LD's not looking forward to it, but as a fan of "Death Race 2000" mathematical scenarios, we're hoping like hell this happens...just because it's weird and interesting.

--Corsolipsism: the state of being a man with a skull entirely invulnerable to the diffusion of new information through it. Eric Crouch couldn't pass. USC won't win a third title. Pitt will win the Big East because Tony Dorsett is the best runner since Archie Griffin. LSU will win behind the dynamic Billy Cannon, and Ohio State will win the national championship because they have one very, very fast guy. Corso is starting to get the look of someone who, in the middle of conversation with you, will start thinking about something else, but rather than pondering the ineffable sadness of life or the complexities of public health policy in the developing world, when you ask him what he's thinking about says: "peanut butter. I like peanut butter." Which means he and Beano Cook should be placed in chairs facing the walls in Bristol and be fed applesauce to their heart's content.

--Mark May thinks USC is better this year, and is going to burn your house down and steal your Camaro, too.