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We've been Feldmanized, and oh, for such a good cause. The Big Daddy 'Cane of sportswriting (atrocious pun, fingers seizing...must...keep...typing) links us, CFR, and HP in his take on the ongoing debate between the "offensive revolution" types and...well, those of us who don't believe that the Chupacabra is controlling us all through implanted chips in our heads designed by the Gnomes of Zurich. Gives and gets, that Feldman.

First, the giving:

This is the part I am with: because the level of quarterback play and skill is so high in the Pac-10, it does create a different game. In other leagues, most notably the Big 12, defenses don't have to defend the whole field because QBs aren't zinging the deep out.

Then, the getting:

But I'm not buying the notion that the SEC is full of a bunch of cavemen with whistles around their necks, and therefore I'm a little skeptical of the takeover theory.

Ahh...we love the smell of skepticism in the morning. Smells like...Scotland, actually, a peaty, agricultural smell mixed with whiskey and the odor of fried food. David Hume would be proud, Bruce.