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Football Outsiders chimes in with their list of subtle pleasures of the upcoming college season. (We loooooove it when these guys write about the college game. DO MORE FASTER NOW!) We couldn't help but contribute our own:

-Watching those ultra-gay Gillette commercials where hairless men run through walls and the voice-overs blathers incomprehensible Euro-nonsense like "You win, they lose...oh this feeling should last forever..."

-Listening to Mike Gottfried get really grumpy after a turnover. He always sounds like a kid who just shat their pants and really wants you to know about it.

-The blue-white sheen of floodlights on a helmet.

-Heat waves in the background of a on-field shot of the lines squaring off.

-The "Corso sucks" chants in the background of GameDay when Corso's pick inevitably loses.


-Watching the Mountaineer rile up the 'necks in Morgantown into a couch-burning frenzy.

-The eerie light that settles over Husky Stadium in the misty rain.

-The horrible, awe-inspiring noise of 80,000 fans getting robbed simulataneously on a bad, last-minute call to end a game.

-Keith Jackson's one senile 4th quarter ramble around the mental boneyard. My favorite one was "Oh, how airplanes have changed things, Dan. Airplanes. Golly."

Airplanes. Golly