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--We believe that Urban Meyer hasn't found a fifth receiver--what we don't believe is that Nyan Boateng runs a 3.8 in the forty. If he does, he'd run a 3.2 at FSU, though.

--Jersey boy Brian Cushing is wowing the Trojans as a freshman with his athleticism. Sadly for Boi, no manbeef shots yet. In other news of the rich getting richer, Warren Buffett just found the hundy you lost at the bar last night on the ground, and there's no way he's giving that shit back.

Buffett, seen here whispering profanities into a young coed's ear, isn't giving the 100 back.
--Georgia's formidable online presence includes the venerable Anti-Orange Radio, a station devoted to Dawg coverage and Larry Munson worship. They're looking for sixty-five bucks--someone scrap the beer money for a week and help them out, eh? Westerdawg, who directed us to them, also posts on Boise's defense and the probable Georgia counterstrategy to their cram-the-box style. (Hmm...cramming boxes...) Likely answer? Lots of passing to Leonard Pope at tight end, which the Dawgs will have to get used to since in their unsophisticated attack they've never done it before.

--In Vol news: Voluminous is on top of all things Orange, including the double trouble of injured center Richie Gandy and the still-"scrambled" UT secondary, while UT opponent Notre Dame is having math problems according to the ever-studious guys over at Blue-Gray Sky.

--We'd love to have some UVA news, but Ian's laptop has gone all "Johnny Got His Gun" on us.

--Warren, we got our book--much thanks. The global animosity toward Carrot Top really is astonishing. BUY RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER!!! Give money to a struggling Ivy Leaguer today!