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Charlie Weis may have run off another Willingham recruit, but he pales in comparison to the culling of the herd/Bataan Death March Ed Orgeron's got going on in Oxford lately. Orgeron blames the eight departures on homesickness, a word Orgeron uses here to mean "swelling of the brain caused by a combination of dehydration and blunt force to the head." Everyone seems to be referencing "The Junction Boys" for this story, but we'll pull a different one and suggest "White Water Summer," where Kevin Bacon plays an overly zealous summer river guide who brutalizes a hapless group of kids. Bear's kids won one game the year following their hell camp; will Orgeron earn a rock to the head for his? Whatever happens, we're betting Orgeron could catch a trout in his bare hand like Vic does in the film. We're also betting Orgeron would punch it in the head and eat it in one bite just to prove his manhood, too.