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Tony Barnhart quotes some of college football's luminous punditry on Georgia Tech and UGA's first matchups with Auburn and Boise State, respectively. They're saying much of the same things you've heard all offseason long on the internet, save for two things, one stupid and one actual insight. Start with the insightful, coming from Jim Donnan:

I've seen Boise State in person, and while their offense is talented, their defense is very small. I think they will have a tough time against Georgia's size. That, and the heat, is going to be a real problem for them.

There's the first pundit we've seen, online or otherwise, who mentions both sides of the ball in the same piece. Boise will get pushed around in this game, which is why in the second half Georgia will do just enough to win--by three, exactly.

We'd gone for a while without a good nugget from Trev "Lead Poisoning" Alberts, but thirst no more! He's back, and still hammering away at his Fisher-Price My First Pundit's Construction Set. Regardez this piece of gibberish:

Georgia should be able to line the ball up, run it 45 times and win the game 55-17. But you just don't know. This is going to be an interesting year for Georgia with all the great players and all the great leaders that they lost. If they get behind, you don't know what's going to happen. Boise State will be ready to play when they come to Athens.

We tried to map out exactly what Trev said here, and rephrased, it comes out something like this:

That cat is totally going to eat that injured parakeet lying on the ground. but you never know, like, maybe the cat's distracted or something, or thinking about licking its ass, or tuna or something. That parakeet is totally going to be ready for that cat, man-talons out!

Whether parakeets actually have talons, well, we imagine they don't. Whether Trev has foam corners on all of his furniture at home or not, well...perhaps he should.

Eats with cork on the end of his fork?