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In a sign that makes me think I might be wrong to disagree with the NCAA on the banning of the Seminole's mascot (although I think they are 100% correct with respect to names such as Savages, Indians, Redskins ect.), Jeb has now spoken up in support of Florida State. Jeb, for those of you without a law school background or extensive experience in Florida, is the governor who took the obviously unconstitutional step of passing a law to address a specific individual (big state constitutional no no) leading Florida to once again become the situs of a media horde in the Schiavo matter. Look Jeb, we were still trying to get past the reputation earned during the recount in 2000!

Anyway, as to be expected, the Jebmeister has lashed out at the NCAA for its "political correctness" and paternalism. Now, as FSU gears up the legal challenge, Attorney Barry Richard (made famous for leading Bush's challenge to the infamous recount in 2000) has signed on to lead the charge.