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Alyssa Milano may be their real dowfall--"please, Matt, just stay a few more hours on game night and hold me. Do you want a line to keep you perky?"--but Boi From Troy lays out his short list of reasons why the Trojans might slip off the tip of the national championship jimmy this year.

One quibble: why wait until the final point to mention that you're going to have two and at times even three people calling the offensive plays this year? As Gator fans, we got to watch the three-headed Zaunbrecher/Fedora/Zook beast flub around the Swamp for a couple of years, and it taught us one thing: put three coaches under a spotlight, ask them to call a play, and two out of three times they will decide on a bubble screen. This alone should send Trojan fans reaching for their Xanax and Ketel One.

Two headed beasts do not have a happy track record in leadership positions.