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Attention, Solon: college football odds are up all over the place. Fiutak's got some good reciprocal back scratching going with Oasis, but ubiquitous Bet on is always a quick reference, too. (For more, see the third installment of Fiutak's recklessly speculative big game predictions.)

For entertainment purposes only, of course.

A few early head-scratchers for the hopelessly compulsive:

Bama by 2 over Florida? Again, if Brick Tamland weren't coaching Bama, we wouldn't mind this home winner pick. But it's Shula v. Meyer, and the Gators will have had Wyoming and Tennessee to warm up the spread-option a bit with Leak. Bama, on the other hand, has one good offensive play, and it's the one involving a guy's big toe. Three the other way? No problem. Bama pulling this one out straight up? Highly unlikely. Take this bet while you can.

Colorado by 2 over TAMU Beating an old drum here, but Reggie McNeal will not lose a game against a team coached by Gary Barnett. Like levitation, throwing a fastball that actually rises, licking your elbow, and traveling faster than the speed of light, it's just physically impossible for this to happen. (We see you at your monitor, bending yourself in knots while straining your arm closer to your wandering tongue. Unless you're Gene Simmons or Janine Turner, it's just not happening.) Maybe we are biased by the ginormous numbers McNeal's been putting up for us on NCAA 2006--he's like Vince Young with accuracy!--but we doubt he'll flop and become this year's Brad Smith under Franchione's tutelage, since Coach Fran is no Gary Pinkel..and that may be one of the most obscure sentences we've ever typed.