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While MGoBlog is comparing him to Jabba the Hutt, we might as well extend the metaphor with support from the impeccably named Cleveland Plain Dealer: Weis, like Jabba, is not only fat but sassy, as well, pimp-slapping a highly touted but academically questionable lineman for his laziness.

Guessing that Weis won't be going after a lot of the same recruits as, say, our beloved Gators, but that's fine with us. Whatever Weis' approach is, it's got to beat this memory we have of Notre Dame recruiting tactics of yore:

HT Guy who eventually went to Missouri: (picks up phone) Hello?

Clueless, doomed recruiter: It's Notre Dame, son. How does it feel?

HT Guy: bwaHAHAHAHA!!!! (Hangs up phone.)

El Guapo would surely approve of Weis' fat sassiness. Yeah, it's a stretch, but it's Mustache Wednesday.