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The Clausen family--as in Rick and Casey, the Tennessee quarterbacks--spawns again, this time in the form of Jimmy Clausen, a junior qb out of Westlake Village, California who received a unique compliment from none other than the USC Trojans: a scholarship offer before his senior season. Judging from the picture on Boi's site, Jimmy takes more after his rooster-esque brother Casey than doughboy Rick--which means we're hoping he choses to rock the combo mini-mullet spike Casey sported during his tenure at Tennessee, one of the most risible hairstyles in college football since Steve Taneyhill's "convicted batterer" tresses at South Carolina. Clausen the younger is also being courted by Tennessee and South Carolina, thus completing the Clausen family's transformation into the poor man's Manning family.

We couldn't find a picture of Steve Taneyhill's mighty mullet, but trust us, it looked something like this.