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Georgia Tech AD Dave Braine says Georgia Tech has hired a lawyer to "evaluate their options" in fighting some of the NCAA sanctions levied against the program following a series of academic compliance fiascoes in the Chan Gailey era. Trying to avoid probation is one thing, but PR-wise, the Jackets couldn't be fighting from a weaker position following the arrest of Reuben Houston and his magical hundred-pound sack of weed. The NCAA seems to smell blood, too: a hearing on whether the dreaded "lack of institutional control" is the status quo at Tech is now imminent, meaning additional penalties on top of those Tech pre-emptively imposed already. In other news, Chan Gailey set his pants on fire on Saturday trying to light his corncob pipe, chuckling good-naturedly to himself at the Flying Biscuit on 10th St. in Midtown while receiving second-degree burns on his legs.

Chan Gailey warms his hands around the fire coming from his flaming pants.