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In what has been the most amusing ongoing story of the college football offseason, the Tom Cruise saga has gotten a bit funnier thanks to Check out all the great quotes of Mr. Cruise as well as the disclaimer:

Our use of the term "nuts" is meant, as defined in Webster's, as a reference to an "eccentric" person. That's all. We do not mean to in any way denigrate or belittle anyone with mental illness. In fact, we take mental illness very serously, which is why Mr. Cruise's ill-informed rant inspired us to create this website. We don't have anything personally against Mr. Cruise, either. We think he's a first-class actor and a humanitarian. We did used to worry that he was a misguided zealot, but that's all. Now we think he's a dangerous, misguided zealot.

Given that the site pokes fun at Scientology, we fully expect it to be gone soon and the creators brainwashed, so read it soon. And check out this post for more Cruise hillarity.

Thanks to's gossip column for this one.