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According to CFR and Truth Laid Bear's blog ecosystem, that is. (And look at CFR making a Bone Thugs reference! We'll see you at the crossroads, homey.) To check for more recent stats go to the ecosystem itself and look us up. As of this morning, we're nipping at Heismanpundit's heels, just one spot behind him. (Must be our lack of sophistication.) We found this to be the best part, though:
Blogs whose ass we kick (as of this morning):
1. Cancergiggles.
2. Brendan Loy! (Only as of this morning, but take that, you private school fancy lad!)
3. Feisty Republican Whore.
4. Geeks With Guns. (sexy!)

Sometimes, you do the slapping...

Blogs who kick our ass

1. Angry Republican Mom.(Evidently, her being married gives her an appeal a feisty Republican Whore lacks.)
2. Feces Flinging Monkey.
3. Naked Drinking Coffee And we thought there was only one of we've got to find him, fight him, and cut his head off with a Queen song playing in the background.

...and sometimes you get slapped. You know you want some of Ike's cake...