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Dennis Dodd may be the master of the obvious, but he's also quite good on the profile pieces. He puts up a nice one on D.J. Shockley's decision to stay put for four years at Georgia while waiting for his shot as a starter. Outside of Texas Tech, where guys seem to like to wait a while before stepping in and throwing for 9,000 yards in a single season, it's rare to find this in college football, and the article does a nice job of showing that after all this time...Shockley still doesn't seem sure as to exactly why he stayed, which seems to be the take among many of the Dawg faithful here.(For more Georgia obsession, please pay a visit to Braves and Birds, a fellow Atlantan and a welcome addition to our blogroll, even if UGA fans do drive like meth-crazed suicide bombers.)
After four years in the same system, though, there should be no excuses for Shockley not being all-SEC this year: phenomenally talented, he's poised to lend support to the Tee Martin Hypothesis this year in Athens, sparking a comeback of all things early-'90s with a replay of the Charlie Ward Fast Break offense. Please, though, please don't let it bring back grunge flannel, though. It might work in Seattle, but down here it gets hot, and we don't need that shit coming back with sixty percent humidity and 84 degrees. We'd rather wear a condom over our eye like Left Eye than go through grunge again.

We'd gladly wear the "2 Hype" shirts than go back to wearing flannel in 80 degrees.