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We're with Brian, here; the GSBBS05 is done, or at least we're done with it. Give us offenses that protect the qb and the ball over whatever the hell sophisitcation is, anyway-in the words of Jeff Tedford, "give ourselves a chance to punt the ball."
CFR has some strange post here, where he puts more tread on the bald tires of "shallow" and "facile," Birds and Braves takes up the bit in a post here,and MGoBlog puts in his own resigned farewell to the brouhaha today. As for us, we think we've finally grasped the central thrust of the "sophistication" argument: your arguments are vastly superior. From here on out it shall be called the Mooninite argument; we've been helpful enough to include a logo for you:

If you don't know what we're talking about here, go rent you some Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Season One. Until then, we're done. Let the season prove us all wrong. You're still welcome at our party, anytime, even if life is better on the moon.
UPDATE: HP has a snooty response, refusing to let us last-word him. We re-refer him to above picture for our official response 'til the season starts, since that whole a priori argument thing really turns us off.