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The notice is out: Blogpoll, Round 2, is officially underway. Hide the women and children, secure all doors, and remember, in the words of the Zombie Survival Guide, "Use your head--aim at theirs."

Shaun says: remember to aim for the head.
Your questions for this week:
1. What's THE critical game of the season on the national scene? We're looking for the one that will influence the most outcomes in a single span of sixty minutes. Please try to diversify your answers and think of something other than Ohio State-Texas, for example.

2.What's the most critical matchup for your team? Again, we know we'll hear OSU-Michigan from you
Wolverines, but we ask you to think in terms of multiple scenarios here.

3. What's your wingnut upset prediction of year?
No hedging (or common sense) wanted here; we know everyone has a paint-chip eating, lunatic pick lurking somewhere in their brain. Go ahead and fess up on the record so you can gloat with pride later.
Hit the comments below, and get blogging! (For those who want to link to this entry, just click the time post for the permalink.)