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Starting Tech cornerback Reuben Houston was arrested Tuesday as part of an investigation of a marijuana ring operating out of Fresno, California. Houston received 100 pounds of marijuana at the Tech campus in Atlanta from a courier sent by ringleader Oscar Rosales, who is also under arrest along with Houston and 16 co-conspirators. A few observations:
1. 100 pounds of marijuana? On the Tech campus? At once? That's got to be a new record for the North Avenue Trade School, or at least a high point since Stephan Marbury left.
2. Chan Gailey loses eight to ten players a year to academic ineligibility out of sheer carelessness. Now his starting cornerback is caught with a seventh-grader's worth of weed. Not great news for a guy stuck at 7-5 whose teams sometimes disappear in the middle of the second quarter.
3. Thanks to the article, we now know that there is a U.S. District Court judge named Oliver W. Wanger. That is all.