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Yet another college sport is in the midst of, get this, a playoff to determine a national championship as the Super Regionals are finishing up nationwide to determine the 8 teams which will meet in Omaha for a double elimination tournament. It has us again wondering how much fun a college football playoff could be. We'd be willing to give up the 12th game and conference championships.... wouldn't you? As we watch, though, we can't help but wish they would just make the switch to wooden bats (and get rid of the DH). There is just something wrong about that annoying doink of an aluminum bat which replaces the beautiful crack of an ash Louisville Slugger. Oh, if only we could rule the world... or at least the NCAA. Disappointing as it may be, a savy college sports anchor could incorporate it into their broadcast as a catch phrase... just please footnote us when you use "Doink goes the boomstick" when calling a homerun.