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So lets start the debating. The beauty of preseason top 25 lists like this one.... and the one we will do as well.... is that they are all going to be horribly wrong, but no one will really remember which pundits did a real good job of picking 1-25. Upon first glance, picking USC number 1 is the easy and obvious choice, but you will see some other picks bound to stir some controversy, such as picking Florida over Tennessee in the SEC and Florida State over Miami and Virginia Tech in the ACC. The one that really jumps out to me is puting Penn State in the top 25 when they've done nothing in the last few years to earn that respect.... especially when it means Boise State didn't even make the cut. Athlon Sports, who is rolling out their predictions one at a time, obviously disagrees too. Well, that's part of the fun of College Football.