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We love the input on our Heisman rules, and were happily corrected by visitors on several points. Heismanpundit-he tends to care about this stuff, obviously-had a couple of particulary pointed questions, so off we go.
The main thrust of our argument-heh, he just typed "thrust"-was that politics and arbitrary historical rules judge so much of the Heisman race, especially when it comes to the media divining the winner before the season ever starts.

Sashaying? Farting? Dancing backup for J. Lo? Wearing a scooter helmet? Just what the fuck is he doing, besides a really strange stiff arm move?

We put down our first vodka tonic of the day-it is Friday, people-and looked around for a few Heisman 2004 lists and found some surprising results.
Luke Winn of CNNSI? Leinart.
Todd Helmick, one of the 870 Heisman media voters and pundit? Leinart.
Richard Cirminiello of Fox's CFN? Leinart.
Sportwriters, the largest voting bloc in the Heisman race, had Leinart pegged from the start, and he didn't disappoint. Most guys this time around have Peterson, which makes us think the only thing stopping the Tasmanian Devil-like frenzy from winning the sashaying statue is injury. This is true of everyone, from Chris Leak to Datwan Hemingway. (Never heard of him? U of Buffalo's freshman backup qb. If you want to make a really off-the-radar pick, Vegas and Datwan are ready when you are.)

As for the sophomore rule, it didn't seem to trouble voters too much last year when Peterson was a freshman: he finished second to Leinart and earned more first place votes than Reggie Bush or Cedric Benson did. We propose that having at least a single year of solid performance is more important than your class status.