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Okay, its not exactly college football related but it is the off season and we here at are married and sometimes snatched out of our sports cocoon and forced to do husbandly things... like shop at Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond or watch the Miss USA Pageant. Well, I've done all three this week.

At some point during this hug it went from gracious loser to a little awkwardly long... but we didn't mind.

I am happy to report to our loyal readers... or at least our loyal reader.... that 2 out of the 5 lovely finalists gave some love to the wonderful world of college athletic competition. Miss North Carolina, who ultimately reigned supreme over the other women who pretended to be happy for her, took a moment from the very limited question answering time to confess that the highlight of her week was not pageant related, but rather watching her Tarheels win the championship. Miss North Carolina, we salute you.

Miss North Carolina celebrating a national championship.... and being crowned Miss USA

Requisite Miss USA Bikini Photo. Hey, if the Miss USA Pageant can be shameless to attract viewers, so can we.

Although we were proud of Miss North Carolina's priorities, it was Miss Florida that we ultimately were rooting for as she strutted out in her evening gown and the announcer informed the audience that her favorite thing to do is watch the Mighty Gators play on Saturdays.

Perhaps if the dress were a bit more of a Gator orange she would have done better than 5th.
I am sure that she too feels that every day should be Saturday and is excited by the prospect of Urban Meyer returning the swagger back to the swamp.