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We're shameless we know but we couldn't resist. If more pictures of Jennifer Lopez are what you crave try looking here.

We here at have an affinity for those local college favorites that, although stars, really don't belong making the leap to the next level to start on Sundays. Therefore, we intend to make an effort to spotlight some of our favorites every now and again. High on that list is University of Kentucky Alum Jared Lorenzen.

He might not be as cute as Jennifer Lopez, but can she throw the fade?

In addition to having some of the best nicknames -- J. Lo, Hefty Lefty, Round Mound of Touchdown, Pillsbury Throw Boy and perhaps others I've forgotten -- he flat out performed on Saturdays putting up gaudy numbers and defying the laws of physics with a consistently unstoppable 5 yard bootleg. Problem was, by the 4th quarter he was so pooped by carrying around so much lard that his late game heroics often ended in a bone headed interception. Of course, you can't really blame him, the Kentucy defense usually made scoring on almost every drive a prerequisite to winning and that would tire out even some svelter athletes. At the moment, J. Lo still falls into this beloved category of Saturday only stars, however, in doing my morning "research" I stumbled across an article which indicated that our favorite tub of goo was competing with the far hunkier Jesse Palmer for the 3rd string quarterback job of the New York Football Giants.

He's so dreamy we all want that rose!

He was not sent to Europe to work on his game, however, as they wanted to keep him close to home to monitor his weight problem which some rumors suggest has exceeded 330 at times (although he is still listed at a record breaking 288).