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We're shocked to read about Jerry Glanville's evidently strong interest in coaching at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Glanville is one of four finalists for the job, and was talking in the interview as if he were already the head coach of the team.(He very well might think that.)

Troubling stuff, for sure, for a number of reasons. First, we weren't aware that being around Boomer Esisason and Dan Marino's little man-spats was so unbearable that you'd consider taking a job at a D-II school in South Dakota. Time to start the healing, men! Or you'll lose Jerry Glanville and his black jackets and cowboy boots! And don't forget his incisive commentary!

Another troubling thing is finding out that not only do they have football in South Dakota-color us surprised-but that one could walk around outside in November and December there without the icy winds stripping the flesh from your bones.

The final troubling thing in all this is Glanville's website, a tribute to either his short attention span or his fondness for black jeans. You can peruse his bio, look at more pictures of him wearing black jeans than you can shake a stick at, or just buy a Glanville Motorsports t-shirt, which comes in-yep-black.
Oh, and Glanville lives in Cumming, GA. Heh-heh. Cumming.

(P.S. Check out for a hilarious discovery under the Sega Genesis games F-L. Jerry Glanville had his own Sega Genesis football game! And according to this, it really sucked, kind of a Mutant Football League knockoff without the "kill the ref" play or body counts. Included below is a screenshot. Savor its large pixels...)