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Looks like the story continues to bleed out slowly, this time with CNNSI via the AP. We wonder: why the slow rollout of the numbers? And why the consistent mentions of Fresno State and Baylor and no mention of USC's dismal numbers?

We're guessing it has something to do with the Trojans' position as defending national champion, or the sheer animal magnetism of all those dudes in skirts holding swords. We put more faith in the former theory, though stepping onto the USC campus with a formal notice of inquiry could be dangerous, you know-we remember what they did to Johnny Knoxville a few years ago.

What this cannot mean is that Fresno and Baylor are getting off light. They're both relatively insignificant and would give Myles Brand the perfect opportunity to show his fangs without having to bite into a program that could bite back in the form of damaging the overall national reputation of the NCAA at all. (And don't forget those jersey sales, either...)