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Stranko thinks we need to have some reason to post this, but we evidently need to review the posting rules with him at our next editorial meeting. We need no reason to post anything, especially something involving Fiddy Cent and firearms.

Some important questions here, though: Why is someone trying to shoot Fiddy? Don't they know that bullets aren't enough? He's like Wolverine in the X-Men; you'll have to pull the adamantium from his bones and lock him in a salt mine for a decade just to make him mad. That or force him to do a duet with Ja Rule; either way he'll end up starving.

Also: why doesn't this happen every week? I thought getting shot was a prerequisite for hanging out with Fiddy. This shouldn't be news. Being a member of Fiddy's entourage and getting shot is only news if they get shot multiple times in a single shooting. You'd also have to cut a couple of tracks before going to the ER just to keep up your rep.