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We here at have our soft spots. We all do, really: my mom (trail mix,) Stranko (long foreign films,) Kim Jong-Il (nukes and cognac.) One of our favorite soft spots is for flamboyantly felonious athletes; not just those who break the law, but those who go above and beyond the call of duty and ensure themselves at least a five game suspension for atrocious behavior.

Which brings us to Taurean Charles, the redshirt junior linebacker from the University of Florida who got into a fist fight with another student at an off-campus party. Details vary from story to story, but here's two you may want to tuck away for future use.

1. Taurean hit a guy on a deck, and the man ended up on the ground.

2. Taurean tossed a keg of beer at the man after punching him off a deck.

That's finishing a fight Road House style. Read more about it here.