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We hear a lot about Notre Dame's Ivy League status as an institute of higher learning. From personal experience, I think I was smarter than the only person I knew he went there. even though she could lift her leg over her head while standing, a talent that should not be overlooked at any age. This is especially true if you're in high school, and you're a guy looking at aforementioned flexible girl.

Yet this tidbit from Weis' six a.m. meet-and-greet with obviously desperate, undersexed football fans makes us wonder about that whole "whoa, skool heer is so harrrdd" thing.

Weis spent 40 minutes telling students what he expects of them - cheer loud when the Irish play defense and tone it down when they play offense.

Sound smart to you? Let us know if they put corks on the tines of the forks in the student cafeteria, and maybe we'll get ourselves a good conspiracy theory goin' here. Someone call Dan Brown! The Pope had Willingham fired 'cause he knew too much about the secret underground labs at Notre Dame! Hrmmpphh...(sounds of struggle...)

ND fans, counting to one
Notre Dame fans: smart? And voluntarily living in Indiana? Or secretly part of a Vatican clone army? Hmm...