Hail to the victors: Michigan is our winner in the EDSBS 2011 Charity Drive benefiting Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta. Music, please.

The festivities will continue through the week, but before we crack out the Lloyd Carr DVX and begin setting out the footstools and booster seats for Mike Hart and his family, let's review the full standings (and we mean full, as in every school that donated anything over the course of the drive.)

The numbers as seen are donations by number and then the total dollar sums for the school. 

1. Michigan 46 5843.83
2. Auburn 45 3,870.21
3. Alabama 14 1991.66
4. UGA 20 1915.21
5. Texas 5 1625.73
6. Florida 23 1483.23
7. Oklahoma 8 919.8
8. James Madison 2 710.16
9. Notre Dame 12 543.73
10. LSU 11 510.56
11. Tennessee 9 491.12
12. GA Tech 6 418.82
13. Rutgers 4 359.9
14. Navy 1 322
15. Case Western Reserve 1 283
16. Nebraska 6 251.1
17. Ohio State 4 232.67
18. Boise State 3 212.24
19. Clemson 3 188.17
20. Miami 4 186.6
21. Kentucky 2 150
22. Michigan State 2 126.81
23. Virginia Tech 4 125.81
24. UCLA 2 113.09
25. Syracuse 4 107.61
26. Arkansas 3 102.71
27. Oregon 2 102.4
28. Mississippi 1 101.36
29. NYU 1 100
30. UNC 4 96.36
31. South Carolina 3 94.28
32. Ohio 2 84.14
33. Cal State 1 75.6
34. Purdue 2 73.58
35. Mississippi State 1 72.5
36. Ole Miss 2 71.79
37. Texas Tech 2 70.6
38. USC 1 66.19
39. Virginia 2 63.28
40. U of Oregon 1 62.38
41. Iowa 1 55
42. U of South Florida 1 54.46
43. Georgetown 1 50
44. Penn State 1 48.14
45. U of California 1 45.1
46. OSU 1 42.39
47. Vanderbilt 2 42.37
48. Missouri 1 41.24

49. Marshall 1 36.34

50. Davidson College 2 34.07

51. Tulane 32.29
52. Grove City College 1 31.28
53. Florida State 1 31.07
54. Arizona State 1 30.29
55. Pittsburg 2 26.18
56. Boston College 1 25
57. Rice 1 25
58. Fordham 1 24.21
59. TCU 1 21.19
60. U of Arizona 1 20.17
61. Rhodes 1 20.16
62. Kennesaw State 1 20.14
63. Western Michigan 1 20
64. South Florida 1 17.07
65. Wofford 1 14.13

All told, sixty-five schools pledged a total of $25,547.54 over the course of the week in the name of refugee resettlement in the United States, allowing the agency valuable funding in what is an extraordinarily difficult time for all resettlement agencies but most especially those in states like Georgia. (A place where state assistance is tenuous at best.) If you inadvertently helped extend an afterschool program that keeps a future UGA star wideout eligible and in school with academic assistance, at least now you can take partial credit as a donor. 

Michigan stormed forward with a late surge on Thursday and Friday, overtaking Auburn with little time left on the clock. They will be recipients of the EDSBS Bizarro World Michigan Reskin, though we have something as a consolation prize for Auburn coming later in the week. (We promise. Minimal Cam Newton jokes. All glory and Tigers and Pat Dye's Pants, etc.)

To all: I cannot thank you enough. That is a very literal statement. I could copy and paste the words on this page three hundred times over and it would not approach the generosity you as a readership have displayed. We did not hit the $50K mark I set very deliberately at the far end of reality, so there will not be a themed tattoo. (Michigan will receive their prize, believe me.)

However, since the overall response was so overwhelming and so much more than I imagined was possible, I promise you this: as a combined readership, I do promise you that I will get a general EDSBS tattoo in honor of the readership's combined general generosity. This might be a Schnellenberger mural, or Crazy Old Testament God, or something else one of you briliant savages thinks of in a comment thread. I choose the best design with some input from what you deem most appropriate (again, no Fuck Clemsons,) and we will proceed from there.

It is the least you are owed for being decent, real, and extraordinarily generous people who disprove that the internet is not part of real life. It is, and it is a very good part of real life on the whole, especially today. Submit your ideas--both for an EDSBS tat and Every Day Should Bo Carr-turday--below.

Thank you all.


CORRECTION: Arizona state should have $130. 29, and should be displayed at 22nd place. Apologies.

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