Big Dumb Secret Santa 2022

Hello everybody, and welcome to our EIGHTH annual Secret Santa! Barves has handed the reigns to me this year, so I've made the necessary changes to keep this awesome things going (read: nothing). It’s been an insane year 2 3 years so hopefully this is a chance to help give someone in our community a happy ending to 2022. Please note the shorter than usual time between sign up and the shipping deadline. (sorry) Late Thanksgiving plus a "the supply chain" mean we’ll have a very quick turnaround so thanks in advance for speeding up the process.

Registration Form HERE

For anybody who has not participated in the past, here's a quick overview of how this works and dates to remember:

• Complete this form to register by Thursday, December 8th

• Matches will be emailed out no later than Friday, December 9th

• Maximum gift spend is $30

• Ship your gift no later than Friday, December 16th

• Once your gift has shipped, email the tracking number (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.) to BigDumbSanta at gmail dot com

• When you have received your gift, please be sure to email confirmation to BigDumbSanta at

After the ship deadline has passed, I will create another FanPost to give everybody the opportunity to share what they got and find out who their Santa was if they want. And that's about all there is to it! If you have any questions feel free to post them here or reach out via email. Have fun, and Happy Hondadays!

Registration Form HERE

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