Big Dumb Secret Santa 2022 Wrap-Up

Big Dumb Santa asked me to put this post up to allow all the valued Commentariat to share what they're received and share their gratitude. So go ahead and post what you got below, but pardon me while I slip into something more festive...Santa-Buddy.0.jpg

Secret Santa Baby

Slip a t-shirt under the tree, for me

Been an awful homer

Secret Santa Baby

Get the two-day shipping for me

Secret Santa Baby

A pre-owned airboat with low miles too

Sea Doo

It's a meme we all know

Secret Santa Baby

And get the two-day shipping for me

Think of all the crap we've watched

Think of all the easy plays my teams has botched

The gift I adore, but what is more

Is another year of friendship notched

Secret Santa Baby

I want NIL cash, just take it right out of the stash

Been devoted all year

Secret Santa Baby

Get the two-day shipping tonight.

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