What Comes Next?

Nanni has reached out to me and Brian_Goodison to discuss what the new place will look like and what our options are. They don't want to leave us without a place to go, but the design of the new site is a little different from what we're used to. There will not be Fanshots or Fanposts. There will be comment sections on the content, but I'm not sure we want to 1) immediately start hijacking all the content or 2) be reliant on the posting of content to have a sandbox to play in.

So we've kicked around a few options, which I'll tell you about here while he explores which ones are feasible.

My instinct is that our preferred option is something with threading and some form of upvoting while still remaining chronological. Since the new place is still going to have comments (which I think are in the same format, though I'm double-checking that) I asked if a "daily sandbox" post there is an option.

  • Pros are that we all congregate to where the content is, which is a win for everyone, and that it's a format we're used to.
  • Con is that we have no idea whether the site can support our daily volume of comments, images, and gifs in one post. Plus we would still be reliant on the Powers That Be to post it everyday (I bet this could be automated though).

Another option may be a private subreddit. Nanni is checking to see if that is possible. We could potentially have a few Commentariat mods to approve new requests and keep the peace without burdening the content creators.

  • Pro is that we could create daily threads, subject-matter threads, etc to our heart's content, and there is comment threading and upvoting.
  • Con is that it isn't 100% chronological so we'd be getting used to a new format. It may be more work to get everyone who is interested signed up. And it has the potential to get pretty insular as it seems like it would be an "if you know, you know" sort of thing - although hopefully we would still be commenting on the new content and could invite folks from there too. Another con is, it's a separate place from the content.
A third option is to take over an existing SBNation community. Nanni is checking to see whether management would have any issue with this. I think we have identified several options for sites.
  • Pro is that it would work just like here. Plus Imgur wouldn't be banned!
  • Con is that it would be separate from the content.
So, in the comments, give your suggestions, tell me what I'm not considering here, let me know if there's some other option we haven't even thought of, and vote in the poll.

If we find out one or more of these options isn't feasible, I'll keep you posted and hold a vote on the remaining options.

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