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I’ll make this brief: y’all are great.

Yesterday, in the third day of our charity drive to support Personal Counseling Services of Southern Indiana, the numbers understandably slowed for much of the day, after a blazing start on Monday and Tuesday.

And then came the bombs.

A couple BIG evening donations, capped late by a $666 donation with only the comment “Run up the score three times as much as Heisman on Cumberland”.

I can only infer that our new champion — current leader for the Garlic Butter Cup and champion for this glorious hat — is a Georgia Tech fan (identify yourself, please, unless you wish to remain anonymous), based on this reference to Georgia Tech’s 222-0 win over Cumberland in 1916.

Sadly, we don’t have video of that game. But, our crack digital team has worked up a computer simulation of what the Jackets winning by 666 might look like:

We currently stand at a tidy $6,666, already at 11% of the total season’s fundraising campaign just due to the efforts of the EDSBS community, which is incredible. You all are amazing, we appreciate you, and I can’t thank you enough.

(Oh, and now that we’ve broken the $5,000 threshold, I’ll have a Hollydog-roasts-me post soon.)

We’re almost to the end of the week, and the donation link’s still live, let’s keep it going if we can.