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Yesterday we launched a week-long fundraising drive to support the efforts of Personal Counseling Services, a mental health non-profit in Southern Indiana / greater Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a small organization, and any level of donation makes a real and measurable impact on our ability to continue to provide services to a client base that includes abused women and children, veterans, families, couples, individuals that have been diagnosed with: depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, autism, developmental disorders and behavioral issues. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of our clients are children and youth and 57 percent (57%) are at or below the federal poverty line.

In a single day, you all raised nearly $3,000. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now, of course, this being EDSBS, there’s a bit of gamesmanship going on here. At one point yesterday afternoon, the total stalled at $1,968 for a while, a number that has some interesting connotations.

Almost immediately thereafter, we received a donation from a Michigan fan. Not long after that, we received our single largest donation of the first day — and the current frontrunner for the storied Garlic Butter Cup — in the amount of $313, with the note “Hail to the Victors”.

My thought process: “313. What’s significant about 313? 31-3? Hmmm OHHH RIGHT.”

Yes, Michigan’s taken control again. If you throw a charity drive, pretty soon Michigan fans are gonna take over the place. It’s like Ohio State fans in a vape shop.

We’re continuing on today, and I’m adding in a few additional incentives:

Once we hit $5,000, I’ll bring Holly The Insult Corgi out of retirement to roast me, and roast your rivals. (Please specify if they’re not obvious).

If you donate over $100 today, please let me know and I will ship Skyline Chili to a person of your choice WHICH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU, with a cryptic note that simply says “feeling good and hungry???”