EDSBS 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket Challenge

It's that time of year again where we stay up all night to get our fill of black tar heroin (that's EDSBS-speak for overtime, don't worry we're not that bad), and thus the return of the EDSBS NHL bracket challenge.

Although the brackets won't be live until Sunday when the seedings are filled, you can start joining the league by following these instructions:

1. Go to
2. Search EDSBS 2019
3. Click join, then enter the password stickypuck (they did not allow me to do fuckclemson, sorry and blame Bettman instead of me)

And then you should be all set to make your picks when everything goes live.

With the playoff format locked into the divisional format, this more or less works like a NCAA Tournament bracket where you pick the winners of each series through the Stanley Cup Final before the opening puck drop on Wednesday the 10th. You'll also enter in the tiebreakers with the length of each 1st round series and the total goals scored in the Final.

Good luck, enjoy the hockey, and get the oxygen tanks ready!

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