EDSBS 2019 Bracket Challenge

Good morning, folks!

It's time for the Every Day Should be Saturday Bracket Challenge! Special shoutout to the committee this year for screwing Sparty and preventing JD from visiting Columbus, and for sticking 8-12 in the Big Ten Ohio State in, while avoiding giving them the play-in game. Mid-majors continue to get screwed, film at 11. At least Belmont got in over Indiana (lol miss Dayton yet, Archie?).

Anyway, here's the link to this year's group:

Group Name: EDSBS Brackets

Password: Fuck Clemson

I wish you all the best of luck this year, as we all inevitably lose to Mini Tejon or Squirrel Doggy because who the hell knows what's going to happen in the tournament this year.

(j/k Duke is winning it all, obviously)

Anyway. Good luck, happy picking, and may your team win all of its games unless you are cheering for Gonzaga.

Also, Xavier missed the tournament, so it is good. Fuck Xavier.

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