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Good afternoon. Let’s have a discussion about in-person college football experiences.

I don’t, at least not today, want to know what the best game you’ve ever attended was, or the worst, the first, the last.

No, I want to know what the funniest game you’d ever attended was. What’s the most you’ve ever just straight-up cackled in the stands at a college football game?

For me, that’s the 2016 Louisville - Florida State game. (Additional consideration was given to 2009 Cincinnati-Rutgers, but the only highlight clip I could find was set to a Linkin Park song, and that’s just embarrassing for me).

Louisville entered this game #10, as Lamar Jackson’s eventual Heisman-winning campaign gathered steam. FSU was #2 in the country. I had no personal stake in the game, but a buddy sold me his ticket because he was out of town, and it was GameDay, and I spent three hours HOWLING with laughter.

It was extremely funny.

Now, maybe you don’t enjoy a blowout. Maybe you enjoy extreme incompetence, of the 3-2 game variety. It has been noted in the comments this morning that today is the 10th Anniversary of Auburn 3 - Clanga 2, immortalized by EDSBS’s own Aunt Stabby as “Baby I’m Burnin’”.

There is no wrong answer to this question. Provide yours below.

Also, the Give For Good Louisville push for Personal Counseling Services of Southern Indiana has been a roaring success today. You have delivered funds that will go directly toward mental health services for our client base of primarily youth, primarily low-income clients, and also ensured that I will have some ‘splainin’ to do tomorrow morning as I meet with a board comprised of mostly older, extremely Not Online people.

You’ve delivered them the truest Big Mood of the EDSBS community: “Very Confused, But Also Delighted”

There’s still time to donate, and if you haven’t already, we’re less than ten individual donors (of any amount) away from accessing additional matching funds.

Donate here!

You’ve made a big difference today, and I’m grateful for this community.