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  1. Yes that is our son. We have no idea how he was conceived, since he has different parents listed on his bio. But he is ours, right down to the beard and the shirt that doesn’t quite cover his belly at the top of an overhead press.
  2. This is a real concern and do not laugh at it. There are many long-torsoed men out there. We are legion, we buy shirts, and we do not like it when people say “Your torso is long because you are fat.” These legs have been short forever, and there are tons of pictures of husky jeans and 30 length khakis out there to prove it. Please do not call us “short-legged”. That is an epithet and harmful language, and we are trying to raise awareness around its hurtful history.
  3. Do not share pictures of us on horses or motorcycles, either, it’s just insulting EVEN IF IT DOES LOOK REALLY FUNNY, OKAY.
  4. Eli Johnson is an offensive lineman who weighs 300 pounds. He should be able to lift a lot on shoulder press relative to the normal human. However, lifting 200 for sets is stout as hell, particularly because the shoulder press is...for lack of a better word, a weird lift? It’s one that is important, but also not super-emphasized in some strength and conditioning programs.
  5. You see most overhead stuff is olympic lifting now, which gives S ‘n C people more bang for their buck because it emphasizes bar speed and explosiveness while also working a ton of muscle. Overhead press is still some brute strength business because it starts resting heavy and mean on the chest, and requires the lifter to heave up using the shoulders and arms only.
  6. FYI: The overhead press used to be a competition lift, but was removed for a few reasons, not the least of which being that lifters started to lean back to push bigger and bigger numbers. This got the pecs involved, and thus more muscles, which equalled bigger totals. However, it also involved turning the spine into a free floating weight bench for a standing incline bench. This is hard to explain without visuals, but TL;DR: Look here, and see dudes at risk of snapping themselves in half for an extra five or ten pounds on their total. Competitive weightlifters are not sane!
  7. He’s pushing a burly 200 pounds there for a set of four, which is indeed burly as hell. We’re not just saying that because we tried it yesterday for a single rep and failed. It’s just a strong as hell effort there, just like all our large adult sons currently going through spring practices and workouts are. He earned some lean protein served in shovel-sized increments, and earned it honestly.
  8. For the record, our max is 190 for one, but we are old, and he is 300 pounds and young.
  9. Ole Miss has the Werksan weights, the most beautiful of all weight room choices to make, but they also go a step further towards the hardcore by using the kilo plates. What they lose in making everyone convert to pounds all the time, they gain in weightlifting cool.
  10. Note how Eli is a total pro and brings the bar down to kiss the beard on each rep, showing that beards serve an actual utility for the lifter as both teaching point and as cushion. A veteran move from a youngster. We see you, son.